Cory - Boy, 2 year old.

Cory, a two-year-old Corgi mix, is an incredibly sociable and joyful dog that quickly adapts to new environments. He seamlessly gets along with both big and small dogs, making him a delightful companion.

This loving canine enjoys being close to his human companions, relishing moments of snuggling and lying in laps. Frequently, he'll playfully flop over, inviting belly rubs. While not a frequent barker, Cory will vocalize if he senses something amiss.

Despite his short legs, Cory enthusiastically embraces walks and exhibits surprising speed during play. His climbing abilities are noteworthy, often scrambling up couches and chairs to observe his surroundings. Cory's fondness for playing with balls adds to his playful nature.

Notably, Cory is already crate trained and house trained. His easygoing nature extends to mealtime, as he's content with a diet of dry kibble. Fully vaccinated and neutered, Cory is a responsible and well-cared-for pet.

Whether you're a first-time dog owner or an experienced one, Cory is an ideal companion. With an abundance of love to give, Cory promises to be your loyal best friend for life, provided he receives the attention he deserves

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