Bowie - 2 years old Labrador Retriever, Boy. 

Bowie is a very affectionate and playful Labrador Retriever that is currently available for adoption. Bowie is very attached to people and loves being close to them.

Bowie is a typical Labrador Retriever. He loves to eat and loves to play. Sometimes his interest in food and play can get him in trouble, like when he tries to sneak food off a countertop or happily runs off with a slipper, but Bowie is very smart and he's quickly learning how to behave himself. Bowie gets along well with other dogs. He loves to run around and play fetch.

Bowie is fully vaccinated and neutered. He is currently 35kg.

He hasn't been tested in a household with cats or small animals. Households with small children should be experienced dog owners because there is a risk that he knocks children over when running around.

If you're looking for a loving, playful companion, consider adopting Bowie!

Update: Bowie was adopted on December 31, 2022, and we know he will be loved and well taken care of in his new home. Thank you for giving this deserving dog the chance to live his best life!

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